Top 5 Calisthenics Must-Master calisthenics skills for beginners


Hello, fitness enthusiasts and calisthenics beginners! I’m Andry Strong, a top calisthenics athlete and coach. Starting calisthenics can often feel overwhelming due to the variety of skills you can learn. Today, I’m here to simplify that for you by highlighting the foundational skills every beginner should master. These exercises will help you build full-body dynamics and control, essential for becoming a legend in calisthenics.

What skills should beginners learn first when they decide to start training calisthenics? If you are trying to learn calisthenics there are endless skills you can learn, from beginner-friendly to intermediate, to advanced high-level calisthenics, and before we get into the top 5 skills beginners should learn, let’s also talk about the foundations of basic strength you need.

Top 5 Must-Master Calisthenics Skills for Beginners

Check out the full Youtube tutorial to get started learning top 5 calisthenics skills for beginners.

Building Basic Strength:

The first three months of your calisthenics journey should focus on building basic strength. This foundation is crucial before progressing to more complex skills.

Here are the essential exercises to incorporate into your routine:

  • Pull-Ups: Start with basic pull-ups to build upper body strength.
  • Push-Ups: Engage your core and upper body with at least 15 push-ups in your routine.
  • Planks and Dips: These exercises enhance core stability and shoulder strength.
First Skill to Master: The Crow Pose:

The crow pose is not just visually spectacular, but it’s also excellent for building balance and core strength.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Begin in a deep squat with your hands placed forward on the ground.
  2. Shift your weight forward, placing your knees on your triceps.
  3. Slowly lift your feet off the ground, maintaining balance.
  4. If balancing is challenging, keep your toes on the floor until you feel more stable.
Second Skill: The Pull-Over:

Once you can perform 10 pull-ups, try advancing to the pull-over, which is great for enhancing upper body and core strength.

Follow these steps:

  1. Pull yourself up so your chin is over the bar.
  2. Raise your knees to a 90-degree angle, then swing your legs over the bar.
  3. Practice this in segments, focusing on smooth transitions and proper form.
Advanced Skills: Headstands and Handstands:

Headstands are an excellent intermediate step towards mastering handstands. Practice near a wall to prevent falls and use a pillow for head comfort initially.

Here’s how to progress:

  1. Start with your head on a pillow and hands placed in a triangle around it.
  2. Lift your hips, then your legs, keeping your core tight and engaged.
  3. Once comfortable, push into a handstand, using the wall for support as needed.
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Final Thoughts:

Mastering these skills will not only improve your physical strength but also boost your confidence in performing advanced calisthenics movements. Remember, consistency is key, and practice makes perfect. Never give up, and keep pushing your limits. With dedication, you too can become a legend in the world of calisthenics.

Ready to elevate your calisthenics skills? Watch the full tutorial video

Top 5 Must-Master Calisthenics Skills for Beginners

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Let’s summarize this beginner calisthenics tutorial real quick:
  • If you can perform 15 push-ups you’re ready to learn your first calisthenics skill, The Crow Pose.
  • If you can perform 10 pull-ups you’re ready to learn The Pull-Over.
  • If you can perform 10 dips and hold a plank for 45s you’re ready to learn the Headstand, and you can possibly even try the handstands!

Happy calisthenics training! Leave a comment below 🙂

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