With over a decade of training experience, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges of progressing in calisthenics without proper equipment. It’s a journey of dedication, where every new skill learned is a triumph.

      In the past three years, I’ve experimented with various equipment: parallettes, resistance bands and rings. But last year a significant change happened when I met Sondre Berg. Sondre was on a mission to revolutionize calisthenics equipment, crafting something truly unique for enthusiasts and athletes alike.

      I had the privilege of being one of the first athletes to test Sondre’s creations. Today I’m thrilled to introduce to you “Movement Made” – a line of equipment ingeniously designed by Sondre Berg. 

      From my experience, the ‘Movement Made’ parallettes are unparalleled. Their perfect size and fat grip offer enhanced surface area, facilitating better control and balance. This feature is especially beneficial for beginners in calisthenics, providing the support needed for at home or outdoor training.

      What sets these parallettes apart is their practicality. They are compact, not occupying much space, making them ideal for home workouts. And for those on the go, simply pack them in your bag and you’re set to train anywhere.

Join me in experiencing the best of calisthenics training with


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